Good things…

Something they are really good at here in Mexico is waiting. That’s something I’ve been having to do rather a lot of recently. If in doubt, the culture seems to be – wait. Its a philosophy granted, and no doubt partly why the Mexicans seem to be such warm, laid back people. But in being frustratingly forced to wait so long, I couldn’t help thinking … Continue reading Good things…

Zipolite, Mexico

They say a picture paints a thousand words… well see below for my 18,000 word essay on Zipolite, Mexico. Its chilled, friendly, there’s good food (on the whole..) and you can swim naked in the sea without feeling (too!) self conscious (who knew nudists beaches were so easy going?!). I was there during a quiet period which probably helped, it could get crazy at busier times I would … Continue reading Zipolite, Mexico

My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

I have 3 criteria for the people I casually date; We are attracted to eachother We are nice to eachother and can communicate (ok maybe that’s 1.5…) They are reliable. For someone I haven’t yet been on a date with I have just ONE criteria; They are reliable. Because quite frankly, someone I’ve been speaking to online is 100% useless to me if that’s all … Continue reading My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!

I’m so excited by this because; a) Its the first time I’ve been invited to participate in and then actually taken part in a podcast! b) The conversation was SO great! It’s a long-un but stick it on while you’re washing up, there’s some really juicy gems of thought-provoking chat in there. Happy listening 🙂 Also, YSWGI is a fantastic resource for singles which … Continue reading Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!

I took the blue pill…

The below post was written from the very insecure, depressed place of a comedown. I had taken a little something with newlover (the subject of Practising Letting Go), which was really really fun, but unfortunately in payment for this, the very next day my confidence and sense of personal safety decided to pack their bags and slip out post-haste via the back door, only to gradually begin … Continue reading I took the blue pill…

Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

I don’t have the love of children or given my beliefs, won’t be relying on the longevity of a partner relationship to nourish me so, for survival, I need to seek this from elsewhere. Actually the absence of children and a partner to love and love me back means I don’t have the ties and responsibility that go with it, what I have is freedom. … Continue reading Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

Polyamory 101 and how we fucked it up

Originally posted on Rebuilding Amy:
There were so many fucking times my husband and I should have stopped our pathetic attempt at polyamory. We had actual conversations and examined it from every angle. Should we stop? Is this hurting us or making us stronger? What if this breaks us? What about the kids? We seriously had these conversations and always said, no, we are strong… Continue reading Polyamory 101 and how we fucked it up