Mexico City

Mexico City has some amazing sites and culture to offer. Here’s the best of what I saw (quite a lot!!). TEMPLO MAYOR Something that strikes you about Mexico, so evident in Mexico City, is the juxtaposition of the truly ancient, with the brand new. Take for example the pyramid ruins, ‘Templo Mayor’, discovered just last century in heart of Mexico City by some electronic company … Continue reading Mexico City

Oaxaca Ciudad, Mexico

Oaxaca City = really pretty. Something I noticed since I arrived in Mexico are the bright colours everywhere. Here the colonial houses are painted in beautiful bold colours which contrast dramatically with the bright blue skies. They have amazing mercados (markets), and I wandered into one for some lunch one day – its was a huge indoor space made of comidas (eateries) next to one another … Continue reading Oaxaca Ciudad, Mexico

Good things…

Something they are really good at here in Mexico is waiting. That’s something I’ve been having to do rather a lot of recently. If in doubt, the culture seems to be – wait. Its a philosophy granted, and no doubt partly why the Mexicans seem to be such warm, laid back people. But in being frustratingly forced to wait so long, I couldn’t help thinking … Continue reading Good things…

Zipolite, Mexico

They say a picture paints a thousand words… well see below for my 18,000 word essay on Zipolite, Mexico. Its chilled, friendly, there’s good food (on the whole..) and you can swim naked in the sea without feeling (too!) self conscious (who knew nudists beaches were so easy going?!). I was there during a quiet period which probably helped, it could get crazy at busier times I would … Continue reading Zipolite, Mexico

My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

I have 3 criteria for the people I casually date; We are attracted to eachother We are nice to eachother and can communicate (ok maybe that’s 1.5…) They are reliable. For someone I haven’t yet been on a date with I have just ONE criteria; They are reliable. Because quite frankly, someone I’ve been speaking to online is 100% useless to me if that’s all … Continue reading My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!

I’m so excited by this because; a) Its the first time I’ve been invited to participate in and then actually taken part in a podcast! b) The conversation was SO great! It’s a long-un but stick it on while you’re washing up, there’s some really juicy gems of thought-provoking chat in there. Happy listening 🙂 Also, YSWGI is a fantastic resource for singles which … Continue reading Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!