Polyamory 101 and how we fucked it up

Thank you Rebuilding Amy – this is such an honest, sobering, practical post I had to share it.

Rebuilding Amy

There were so many fucking times my husband and I should have stopped our pathetic attempt at polyamory. We had actual conversations and examined it from every angle. Should we stop? Is this hurting us or making us stronger? What if this breaks us? What about the kids? We seriously had these conversations and always said, no, we are strong enough. We will love each other forever. We have this amazing relationship, marriage, and family. It won’t break. It cannot break. We will prevail.

Well guess what, we didn’t.

We struggled from that point on and it was a downhill, doomed rollercoaster of shit. We were so goddamn naive. We had no clue how fucked up our relationship was – it was severely codependent, it was unhealthy and unsatisfying for both of us. Romantically, there was very little there. We operated like best friends, roommates, occasional lovers, and parents. We are…

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